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Seagate Exos 15E900 2.5-Inch Internal 4Kn/512e SAS Enterprise Hard Drive
Perfect for mission-critical server storage

Seagate Exos 15E900 2.5-Inch Internal 4Kn/512e SAS Enterprise Hard Drive

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Seagate Exos 15E900 2.5-Inch Enterprise Hard Drives - 4Kn/512e SAS
Seagate Exos 15E900 2.5-Inch Internal 4Kn/512e SAS Enterprise Hard Drive - 300 GB
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Seagate Exos 15E900 2.5-Inch Internal 4Kn/512e SAS Enterprise Hard Drive - 600 GB
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Seagate Exos 15E900 2.5-Inch Internal 4Kn/512e SAS Enterprise Hard Drive - 900 GB
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Exos EnterpriseOverview:

Trusted. Efficient. Versatile.

For everything Enterprise storage, there's Exos E-the safest and most powerful way to traverse the datasphere and harness its full potential. Always on and always working, the Exos E series of hard drives is loaded with advanced options for optimal performance, reliability, security and user-definable storage management. Built on generations of industry-defining innovation, Exos E is designed to work and perform consistently in enterprise-class workloads.

The Datasphere's Only 2.5-Inch Nearline Hard Drive

The Seagate Exos™ 15E900 enterprise hard drive is the world's fastest hard drive, with capacities up to 900GB in a 2.5-inch form factor, and is intended for traditional data centers where density, power consumption and data integrity are paramount.

Seagate Exos™ 15E900 series delivers faster time-to-data and is intended for use in data centers where density, power consumption and data integrity are paramount especially during peak demand workloads.*

  • Up to 100% faster random write performance** with Enhanced Caching that accelerates OLTP, VDI, web server and database applications.
  • Simplify data center integration with Fast Format™ models which can be addressed as 512 emulation and re-serviced to 4K native formats.
  • Seagate Secure™ capabilities ensure authentic and trusted products from a secure supply chain, available with hardware-based encryption (SED), Instant Secure Erase (ISE), TAA compliance and FIPS 140-2

Best-Fit Applications

  • High-performance, mission-critical enterprise servers requiring 24x7 availability
  • Highly reliable blade, pedestal, rack and tower servers
  • Transaction-based applications, like OLTP, databases, HPC and Big Data analytics
  • Power- and space-constrained data centers
  • Compliance and data security initiatives

* Formerly Enterprise Performance 15K HDD
** Compared to previous generation of hard drive


Performance You Need With the Affordability You DemandPerformance You Need With the Affordability You Demand

Exos 15E900 hard drives accelerate I/O operations and complete more transactions faster-even during peak demand. The 900GB model Exos 15E900 was the first to store 50% more mission-critical data than any other 15K hard drive. 1 By providing higher capacities at lower cost than high-performance alternatives, Exos 15E900 drives help optimize TCO. They deliver more predictable performance (up to 27% more sustained data rate than previous generation 1 ) while helping to protect data from corruption due to unexpected power loss.

Unrivaled Versatility Is Key

The Exos 15E900 supports all drive formats, including 512 native and a single Fast Format TM model for advanced formats (4Kn and 512e) that simplifies drive management. Industry-leading read caching with TurboBoost technology for optimum response times is perfect for OLTP applications. The Advanced Write Caching feature utilizes enhanced algorithms for the industry’s highest mission-critical storage workload performance efficiencies. The Exos 15E900 uses traditional NAND and advanced algorithms to promote hot data and meet performance requirements (up to 2.6x improvements over last generation1). By enabling high density with power efficiency, Exos 15E900 drives are ideal for space- and power-constrained enterprise data centers. Widely accepted, proven sixth-generation technology provides reliable access to demanding high-performance applications.

Seagate Secure

Industry-Leading Data Security Features

Seagate Secure TM models provide hardware-based security to help protect data-atrest. With Instant Secure Erase, drive retirement is safe, fast and cost-efficient. Seagate Secure models meet the NIST 800-88 media sanitization specification and support the Trusted Computer Group (TCG) standard.2


1 Compared to previous generation 600GB version
2 Seagate Secure models not available in all countries. May require TCG-compliant host or controller support.


Specifications - 4K Native / 512 Emulation SAS 900GB 600GB 300GB
Standard Model1 ST900MP0146 ST600MP0136 ST300MP0106
Seagate Secure™ Model (SED)1,2 ST900MP0156 ST600MP0146 ST300MP0116
Seagate Secure FIPS 140-2/Common Criteria Model1,2,3 ST900MP0166 ST600MP0156 -
Average Latency (ms) 2.0 2.0 2.0
Sustained Transfer Rate (Outer to Inner Diameter, MB/s) 315 to 215 315 to 215 315 to 215
Mixed Workload Performance (at 5ms) 700 800 900
Max. Instantaneous Transfer Rate (SAS dual port) MB/s 2400 2400 2400
Cache, Multisegmented (MB) 256 256 256
Interface 12 Gb/s SAS 12 Gb/s SAS 12 Gb/s SAS
Intelligent NAND Endurance Management Yes Yes Yes
Fast-Format Models Yes Yes Yes
TurboBoost Enhanced Read Caching Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Write Caching Yes Yes Yes
Low Halogen Yes Yes Yes
PowerChoice™ Idle Power Technology Yes Yes Yes
Hot Plug Support Yes Yes Yes
Organic Solderability Preservative Yes Yes Yes
Digital Sensors for Humidity Yes Yes Yes
Configuration / Reliability
Disks/Heads 3/6 2/4 1/2
Nonrecoverable Read Errors per Bits Read, Max 1 per 10E16 1 per 10E16 1 per 10E16
Annualized Failure Rate (AFR) 0.44% 0.44% 0.44%
Limited Warranty (years)4 5 5 5
Power Management
Typical Op (A) +5V/+12V 7.60 7.20 6.90
Average Idle Power (W) 5.70 5.80 4.70
Average Operating Power (W) 7.60W 7.20W 6.90W
Ambient Temperature, Operating (C°) 5°C - 55°C 5°C - 55°C 5°C - 55°C
Ambient Temperature, Nonoperating (C°) -40°C - 70°C -40°C - 70°C -40°C - 70°C
Temperature Change Rate/Hr, Max (°C) 20 20 20
Relative Humidity, Noncondensing (max gradient 20%/hour) 5% - 95% 5% - 95% 5% - 95%
Shock, Max. Operating: 11ms (Gs) 40 40 40
Shock, Max. Nonoperating: 2ms (Gs) 400 400 400
Vibration, Operating: <400Hz (Gs) 0.5 0.5 0.5
Vibration, Nonoperating: <500Hz (Gs) 2.4 2.4 2.4
Height (mm/in, max)5 15.00mm/0.591in 15.00mm/0.591in 15.00mm/0.591in
Width (mm/in, max)5 69.85mm/2.750in 69.85mm/2.750in 69.85mm/2.750in
Depth (mm/in, max)5 100.45mm/3.955in 100.45mm/3.955in 100.45mm/3.955in
Weight (g/lb) 230g/0.507lb 230g/0.507lb 225g/0.496lb
Carton Unit Quantity 40 40 40
Cartons per Pallet/Cartons per Layer 60 / 10 60 / 10 60 / 10

1 512 Emulation and 4K Native models will provide a higher level of performance in 4K-aligned systems. 4Kn/512e drives ship in 512 emulation mode but can be reformatted to 4Kn with Fast Format feature.
2 Seagate Secure Drives (SED) and FIPS 140-2 Validated drives are not available in all models or countries. May require TCG-Compliant host or controller support. In addition, some models


Front View
Left Angle View
Right Angle View
Inside View


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